PlayRatings has started as a research project focusing on the top 20 world football leagues. The project is turning into a start up company searching for a sustainable business model able to cover all the professional football leagues and teams in over 80 countries and constantly developing new analysis.

To this aim, PlayRatings is building a network of expert and partners involving football experts and professionals all around the world.

If you are a football expert with a specific interest in statistics and analysis of performance and economics and you are familiar with digital contents and social media tools, join the network becoming Team Manager of your favourite football club and helping us in developing the digital platform in your country.

How join the Network and become Team Manager?

  • Register for free your account on the PlayRatings platform
  • Check if your favourite club hasn’t already a Team Manager
  • Ask to become a Team Manager through the icon on your favourite club’s page or send an email to
  • You will receive the authorization and permission form our Network Managers after internal verifications
  • With the authorization you will receive the Team Manger Handbook with all the instruction to access the Content Management System (CMS)
  • Our Network Managers will constantly keep in touch with you and support you all the time

What is the role of the Team Manager in the PlayRatings’ network?

  • Create exclusive contents combining data and statistics with news and event related to the team and its player
  • Develop a community of expert and fans interested into a professional discussion on the team and football in general
  • Build and manage the relationship with local media partners and digital community around the team
  • Contribute in growing and enhancing the team’s dataset and PlayRatings’ estimations in general

Why became a Team Manager?

  • To join the PlayRatings and be part of the project and is evolutions
  • To engage a community of supporters in a more rational and competent discussion on the team and its players
  • To turn your passion in a professional expertise in football analysis, statistics and economics using exclusive tools
  • To expand the experience of fans and contribute to the well being of the football

What kind of support PlayRatings provides to the Team Manager?

  • You will receive and handbook with all the instructions on how improve team’s pages
  • You will be able to access exclusive statistics, tools and evaluations
  • You will be able to monitor statistics on the pages and contents related to the team and its players
  • Our Network Managers will keep posted and support you on new analysis and post format

What is the business model of the Team Manager Network?

  • Joining the network is free and gives multiple opportunities to the Team Managers
  • PlayRatings is currently in an experimental phase. We are working on a multiple business model potentially involving the network
  • We are open to ideas and suggestions for business models able to support the growth
  • We are constantly searching for media and business partners in multiple countries

For more details please contact us by email at